The Value of Emotional Intelligence: An Overview

It’s widely understood that talent, work ethic, and focus contribute to success. These traits are abundant in the VMG Global network, after all. We’ve also learned that emotional intelligence (EI) is another major factor of success.

Research supports this assertion. Joseph C. Rode is a professor at Miami University of Ohio’s Farmer School of Business. He and his colleagues found that EI is linked to heightened happiness in the workplace. This is certainly true for the VMG Global community.

About EI, Rode says, “It represents the intersection of emotions and general mental ability – sometimes referred to as IQ. It can also be thought of as the extent to which one actively thinks about emotion, or uses emotions as important information in a manner similar to other information such as facts and opinions.”

EI is connected to people skills. Of course, these skills are vital to success. As such, EI helps consultants manage their feelings and respond kindly to the feelings of others. EI also helps them make sound decisions. It even leads to greater empathy and collaboration.

Rode adds that EI, “…includes the ability to use emotions to increase motivation and focus, it also includes the ability to detach from very powerful short-term emotions when needed to better focus on the tasks at hand.”

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