Try These Helpful Networking Strategies

When people think about networking, formal conferences and other stuffy gatherings often come to mind. We’ve discovered that there are no limits to where and how to meet new contacts. In the VMG Global atmosphere of learning, we’ve come across the valuable wisdom of experienced professionals. Here are some of their networking insights:

Create a Village

According to Sweta Patel, “Before the 1980s, most people lived in tightly knit communities where knowing your neighbor was a given. Everyone was expected to contribute to the success of the village. But this concept is slipping away as social networks revolutionize how we communicate. We get competitive, only revealing certain aspects of ourselves—especially our successes. I nurture my connections by treating them like neighbours. As I get human with them, they reciprocate my efforts. It’s helped me in all areas of life and business. My community now contains all the connections I need.”

Work for It

Initiative is a VMG Global value. Grant Cardone recommends being proactive as well. He says, “No magic fairy will wave her wand and give you quality, reliable contacts in a short time…Creating an extensive, valuable network will not happen overnight or even quickly. You can speed things up attending the right kind of events. Just attending an event will not create a network. You must still do the work: Reach out, be social and have sales skills.”

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