Thinking About Podcasting? Go for It!

Podcasting has rapidly become one of the most prominent means of sharing information. The consultants in the VMG Global community share a number of favourite podcasts, and discuss the content on a regular basis. Some of these individuals are even thinking about hosting their own. If you have also been considering the possibility like those around the VMG Global network, there are many good reasons to go for it. These are a few:

• The Timing Has Never Been Better: Although there seems to be an endless list of podcasts available, the market for them is not full. In fact, now is the perfect time to establish a niche. Once you build a following, you can effectively spread the word about your business offering (or someone else’s). Most listeners follow up on online recommendations.

• Podcasting Increases Engagement: Again, podcasting and marketing go hand in hand. Building your presence in this way will allow you to educate people on your expertise. Furthermore, the more people hear your voice, the more connected with you they will feel. It’s far more powerful than the written word, building comfort and trust the way no blog can do.

• It’s an Easy, Cost-Effective Process: Launching a podcast requires little investment. It’s a straightforward process. What’s more, a small amount of effort yields significant impact in terms of reach. You can even hire a consultant to advise you at a relatively low fee.

Remember these points as you decide whether to start a podcast. To learn more, follow VMG Global on Twitter.

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