Thinking Like a Leader

If you’re interested in growing your livelihood by moving into leadership, the first thing you need to do is start to think like a leader. This means adapting a mind-set of thinking about others and meeting the bigger goals set by VMG Global. It boils down to a belief in your own abilities and your readiness to take the next step.

If you wait until you feel completely ready and qualified to take the next step in your profession, you’ll never take it. Instead, you want to start the next step when you feel you’ve mastered your current responsibilities and are ready to be open to learning the new responsibilities. Tell yourself you’re capable of completing the work, even if it’s challenging, and you’ll be much more likely to succeed.

Another part of a leader’s mind-set is thinking about the big-picture needs of the organisation and your colleagues. We explain this to business consultants when we talk about the differences between only being responsible for their specific job function versus running the entire VMG Global organisation. This may take some practise, but that’s why they need a good mentor to help them pay attention to concerns they may not have considered.

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