PRESS RELEASE: VMG Global Participates in Exciting Travel Opportunities

SYDNEY, AUS –Business consultants within the VMG Global network are looking forward to an adventure in Bali. Travel opportunities abound in the sales and marketing industry. The company Owner discussed the anticipated benefits of the trip.

“The professionals in the VMG Global community are excited about the Bali excursion, which is slated to begin on March 12,” said Mark, the company Owner. “It will be the perfect time for them to bond with others in the field – and relax on the beach!”

Mark indicated that in addition to himself, consultants Jack B. and Perry P. will be in attendance. There is another opening to be filled, so the firm’s Owner is on the lookout for someone to prove himself or herself (sales-wise) in the coming weeks.

According to Elyse, a VMG Global admin, “The trip will last one week. There is one day of meetings, consisting of 2017 stats and accomplishments, 2018 plans and goals, and some networking. The rest of the event includes free time, group dinners, and organised nights out. All expenses will be paid, of course!”

VMG Global Owner Highlights the Positive Outcomes of Business Travel

“Whenever the consultants embark on a travel adventure, I hear about all sorts of great results,” Mark continued. “Some of these benefits are quite obvious. Someone may have discovered a great place to eat or a really interesting event location. I’ve personally learned a lot about different cultures by visiting landmarks and museums. Every location has something special to offer.”

The VMG Global Owner added that travel is an effective way to prevent burnout. People may be creatures of habit, but too much monotony causes stress. By temporarily breaking away from their routines, people can turn their attention away from work. They explore novel places and learn new things, returning to their professional roles feeling refreshed.

“We all know about the surprises that tend to pop up while travelling,” Mark indicated. “Someone might lose his or her way in a big city or miss a connecting flight. These things happen. Although they’re unpleasant, they hone important soft skills. Anyone who goes through such a setback experiences valuable lessons in problem solving, patience, and adaptability. All these abilities come in handy in the professional world.”

“Of course, any travel event leads to interaction with unfamiliar people,” Mark concluded. “You never know who you might meet when you’re on the go. A potential coach might be sitting next to you on the bus, and a lifelong friend may be in line behind you at the coffee shop. The possibilities are endless, so be on the lookout for every one of them!”

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