The VMG Global Network for Connection, Learning, and Growth

The VMG Global community is grounded in a continual exchange of knowledge and support. Within a shared workspace, brand ambassadors can share their skills and collaborate as they each pursue their professional goals.

Think of our network as a hotspot of creativity and passion, and the individuals who choose to participate in it as professionals who are always hungry to learn. This is a space in which education is embraced and people have access to knowledgeable coaches. People here know how to tap into the meaning of their work, finding purpose in what they do. We humanize work so that our events and expos have the power to get results for diverse businesses.


We make space for individuals to flourish. People work together to build their confidence in innovative outreach methods. They share knowledge and skills as they research markets to create potent messages that increase conversion rates. Those who take advantage of our learning community grow into talented professionals.

Connect Through VMG Global

The VMG Global community is diverse.

Each individual brings a unique set of abilities to the network. By sharing our talents, we pursue collective and personal development together. There is lots of mutual support, friendly competition, and celebrations of success. Exciting opportunities are available for those who want to participate in a learning environment focussed on achievement.



A sense of striving for excellence permeates our community. Network participants have options to connect with industry influencers. Access to big city centres is easy and dynamic skill-sharing functions are frequent. Conferences and regional gatherings are also available for those looking to connect with the area’s business leaders. Every interaction is a chance to build confidence and open doors to new opportunities.


Collaboration is a VMG Global value. Not only is this an environment of learning, it functions as a shared workspace that is comfortable enough to unleash virtually any professional aspiration. As people work toward their goals, they are challenged and applauded by others. The reward is a constant exchange of inspiration.

Engage and Enjoy

We work hard and have a lot of fun as well. It’s a recipe for success. There’s plenty of space, bean bag chairs for off-hours, and big glass walls that offer stunning views of the heart of the city. We couldn’t ask for a better place to trade feedback, give and receive referrals, or simply bond over a cup of coffee. The value of our community is unmatched.

Networking and Development Options

Our outsource marketing solutions are in demand. There is plenty of room for young professionals to join our network and learn to wield our outreach model.

Aspiring brand ambassadors find open doors here to fulfil their potential. Individuals who are interested in building their business expertise and enhancing their earning capacities can contact us to learn more.

To learn more, please submit a CV and cover letter to