Improve Your Commute with These Insights

Whether you take public transportation, drive your own vehicle, or walk to work, you spend a lot of time commuting on a daily basis. What do you do with it? Productivity is a key aspect of VMG Global’s success, so we are careful to make the most of our time on the road.

Believe it or not, singing is one of our favourite commuting activities (for those of us who don’t take buses or trains, that is). In the privacy of our own cars, however, we like to exercise our voices. Warming up our vocal cords helps us leverage our pitch and volume as we interact with others throughout the day. It’s especially important when we have presentations scheduled.

Podcasts are gaining popularity by the day. While we enjoy listening to them, we are careful not to overdo it. After all, the only way to truly learn something is to reinforce the knowledge within 24 hours of acquiring. We do so by listening to our preferred programmes on the way to the VMG Global shared workspace, and then mentally reflecting on the information when we travel home later.

We’re big fans of singing and podcasts, but there are numerous other strategies for making every commute a productive and enjoyable experience. Discover which other activities help us pass the time by liking VMG Global on Facebook.

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