Ace Any Speaking Gig You Have

Getting a chance to speak in front of a crowd is a huge opportunity to grow a business. Within the VMG Global community, brand ambassadors can access resources to help them ace the opportunity. Here are a few tips we’ve found that are particularly effective at improving your performance when you give a public presentation:

• Watch Other Great Speakers: Good presentations have rhythm. You can read or listen to talks that break apart this rhythm, but you should also take the time to listen to some great speeches so you get a feel for how they sound. Download a few TED talks on subjects of interest and enjoy.

• Practise, Practise, Practise: Make the effort to rehearse your speech several times to yourself and make sure you’re very comfortable with your opening, the order of topics you’re going to hit, and how you want to close your speech. Then practice in front of your colleagues to get great feedback on other performance details. All this practise will ensure, when the actual event arrives, that you’re ready to give a stellar presentation.

• Tell Stories: People remember stories, so brand ambassadors within the VMG Global network try to illustrate points with stories and images. They may not remember your name or the detailed graph you showed, but if you make your point in a story, most people will recall it far into the future.

Preparing for a great speech isn’t daunting, and is a great way to open doors for new professional opportunities. Follow VMG Global on Twitter for more tips on public speaking.

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